Tips For Protecting Against Mosquito’s

When summer comes the thought of playing outside in the sunshine and running through the tall grass fills the hearts of the young and young at heart.  However, when the sun goes down and the bugs come out, it is a war against the dreaded mosquito.  Before you start to experience this, try to work on your mosquito control mobile tactics so your summer nights are spent sitting inside.

Put up screens

The first and easiest thing that you can do is build a porch that has a screened in area.  This will allow you to enjoy the cool breezes of the summer wind as well as have a protective barrier between you and these pests.

mosquito control mobile

Wear light colored clothing

If you do want to venture outside, consider wearing light colored clothing.  When we wear this clothing it helps to shield us from the sight and sense of the mosquito.  For some who wear dark or black clothing it seems that they are the tasty treat on the menu.

Remove standing water

Mosquitos and other insects love standing water.  The water is deep enough for them to land and lay their eggs and shallow enough that they won’t get caught up in the water and die.  If you have standing water it is suggested that you try to dry it up, mop it up or in worse case scenarios fill in the water with sand or dirt.

Don’t drink alcohol

Another thing that you can do is make yourself less appealing to the mosquitoes.  You can do this by refraining from drinking alcohol and alcoholic beverages.  When we drink alcohol, it begins to extrude from our pours.  This aroma is pleasant to the mosquitoes and they will naturally be drawn to it.

When it comes to dealing with these pests there are a lot of different things that you can do.  However, the best solutions are what work for you.  Try what has been listed above and if they don’t work, hire a professional to come in and take them out.