The Bail Process: How Long Will it Take?

Nobody wants to see their loved one or friend end up in jail, but in the event that it happens, you will want to know what you should do right away so they don’t have to spend too much time locked up. After all, the sooner your friend or loved one can get bailed out, they can begin to find legal representation and do everything necessary to prepare for their day in court.

Depending on a few circumstances surrounding the bail, such as how much it costs, whether you are paying it or hiring a bailbonds Santa Barbara professional for help. It will also depend on the charge against the person and the time that they were arrested.

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What to Expect

If an arrest happens during the daytime, you can normally expect the bail process to take about two to four hours. You will go to the precinct, talk to the officers about who you are requesting to bail out, and then you will be given their bail amount. If you can afford it, you can post a cash bond or hire a bail bonds company such as Acme Bail Bonds Santa Barbara if you need help from a bail bondsman.

Once the booking process has been completed and the bond has been posted, the inmate will be able to leave jail. However, a few things will happen during this process. The inmate will receive their scheduled day in court, in which they must appear or risk a warrant being issued for their arrest. If working with a bail bondsman, the inmate will usually have to sign some paperwork promising to show up on their scheduled court date.

Once the bond has been posted and all of the information about their court date has been given to the inmate, they will be free to leave the jail. As long as the person shows up to their scheduled court date, they should be good to go.